There are many different ways for you to show you appreciate a special person/hero.  Purchase our unique award for your hero.   At Champ for the Day we want to make your purchase special and take it that little bit further.  How???   We ask you to send a photo/video of your Champ receiving their certificate and medal, add a story and send it back to us.  We upload your photo/video and story onto our website and social media pages for all to see, and ask you to share the goodwill on your own social media.  Its that easy!

Being nice is a wonderful thing, and it can be the smallest good deeds that can brighten up a person’s day.  Let’s recognise these nice people and show we appreciate them.


Welcome to:  Champ For The Day

How would you like to make someone’s day?  Nominate them for a unique, exciting new award.  Purchase a personalised certificate and medal and present this unique gift to your Hero!  Who is your Champ for the Day?  Who is your hero?  Who is that person you look up to?  We all have that someone special, that person that makes you smile, or goes that extra mile.  Is it your mum, dad, brother or sister?  A friend, neighbour, colleague or teacher?  Gifts for him/gifts for her, surprise them!  Award your child, just for being special, (kids love medals).  Who is your Champ?  We want to display this goodwill on our website.  We want to give ordinary people the opportunity to say thank you to someone who has been nice to them.  Because.  Being nice matters!


The students of the autism base in Fairwater High School, Cwmbran made Mr Powell their Champ for the

My Champ for the day is Marie Nye. Marie runs the Weight Watchers meetings in West Derby. Besides

Champ for the Day awarded to Yvonne Culleton by Sue Keenan 28.11.14. Why? Because after having my son

My champ for the day is the lovely Yvonne. I have nominated her for arranging my cousins 21st

My prop shaft and transfer box broke putting me in a situation I could do with out, as


  I have nominated my son Daniel because he is one of the nicest people I know. Daniel is a very caring and thoughtful man who makes a huge difference to the lives of the young people he teaches as he believes in them despite the difficulties they have all faced. Daniel is loved deeply

Here is my Champ of the day , my gorgeous sister in law Marie or crazy auntie Marie

Champ for the day goes to my fabulous husband Phil who, without all his hard work last year

I nominate Lamia Zan as my champ! She has been through a tough time of late but always

Dawn Foote runs Tala monastery cat park here in Cyprus. This lady fosters cats in her home and

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